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Nedlands Pressure Washing Experts

Our team are pressure washing specialists

House Washing Perth provides high-quality external cleaning for homeowners across Western Australia. It doesn’t matter how big or small the job is – we’ll be there. We have the latest equipment and employ benchmark pressure washing techniques to ensure top results for every surface.

Traditional Queenslander House External Areas

Why Choose Our Pressure Cleaning Services?

We take pride in the quality of our work

At House Washing Perth, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction in our work. We do offer great value-for-money! No other pressure cleaning company in Western Australia does as good a job and takes as much care of your home (or business) as we do!

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Our Pressure Washing Services Nedlands Western Australia

We offer the highest quality house washing and pressure cleaning service in Nedlands and surrounding suburbs, including:

House Washing Nedlands

At House Washing Perth, we offer a expert external house washing service that will make your abode the envy of your other Nedlands neighbours!

Many Nedlands homeowners want to deeply clean their homes but they often don’t have the time or the equipment to do a proper job. They also realise that it is often risky to do certain jobs such as gutter or roof cleaning.

House Washing Perth is here to help. Our team of Nedlands exterior cleaners will give your house a makeover, no matter how big or small.

Our house cleaning services in Western Australia are top-quality. You will see the difference a good clean can make, from the gutter to the ground.

External Pressure Washing Central Qld

Removing years-old grime and dirt from decks, fences, and retaining walls is a good way to clean your home.

Professional cleaning of your glass and windows will make your home look sparkling. It also prevents dirt and mould buildup over time.

Get rid of mould and dirt buildup in your entertainment spaces so that your friends and family can enjoy them.

Mould spores and grime can lead to severe health issues. Professional pressure cleaning can help you address those risks and will give you peace of mind.

Sanitation Cleaning Central Qld

Are you looking to rent or sell your Nedlands house?

You don’t have to spend a lot. It is easier to attract potential buyers to a freshly-cleaned home.

You don’t have to worry about buying or hiring expensive equipment that you won’t use every week (or even month). Let us handle it for you.

Freshly cleaned homes are likely to attract more potential buyers or potential tenants – who are potentially happy to pay more for your property.

Cleaning your Nedlands home

The House Washing Perth house cleaning services are safe and effective. They will bring back your home’s exterior to its original glory. The house washing Nedlands service adds value immediately to your property by restoring its exterior beauty without having to repaint. We offer house washing services in Nedlands, and elsewhere, in South-Western WA.

Concrete exteriors made of exposed brick or rendered are more suitable than weatherboard, timber or cladding. They can be washed at slightly higher pressures to prevent damage.

Driveway Cleaning Nedlands

House Washing Perth is a Western Australia company that offers expert cleaning of driveways in Nedlands. We have years of experience in power washing and have a strong reputation for offering driveway cleaning that is reliable, affordable, and high-quality.

To begin the process of cleaning, we carefully check your driveway in order to look for trouble spots. We also assess what cleaning products and methods will be most effective for your driveway. Our team will first treat any problem areas such as oil, grease, algae growth and mould before pressure washing.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer high-quality, detailed services at very affordable prices.

Our team is able to clean many driveway surfaces due to our diverse equipment and products. This includes concrete, exposed and paved surfaces as well as stamped and stencilled surfaces. We can remove stubborn stains, dirt, graffiti and gum from all surfaces.

House Washing Perth has successfully pressure cleaned concrete driveways, including those that were paved, stencilled or stamped, in Nedlands. Our team has access to a wide range of cleaning tools and equipment that allows us to deliver flawless results each time. The driveway will be cleaned by our professional cleaners, which will make it look brand-new and improve your home’s street appeal.

Driveway Pressure Washing Central Queensland

It’s very unlikely that you will achieve the same result if you try to clean your driveway by yourself. House Washing Perth‘s pressure washing specialists have the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively clean driveway surfaces.

House Washing Perth can help you make an impression on your clients or home visitors by deeply cleaning your driveway. In no time, our professional driveway cleaners Nedlands can restore your parking lot to its original condition. For more information, or to receive an estimate online for a no-obligation quote, call us.

Nedlands Roof Cleaning

House Washing Perth is your team of Nedlands roof cleaning service providers. Western Australia houses are regularly exposed to extreme elements like cyclonic wind, extreme floods, rain, pollution and particles of dust. We also quite often receive wildlife visitors such as birds, bats or possums – as cute as they are, they leave poop behind! Debris and moisture that remains on the roof can lead to unwanted growths such as algae, mould, mildew and moss. Unsupervised growth can cause cracks to form and lead to leaks or missing tiles.

If your roof is left to deteriorate too long, it can ultimately lead to a complete renovation or re-build, which is extremely expensive and out of reach for many people. This is why the old saying, “Prevention is better than cure” applies to homeowners. You won’t regret ‘preventing’ or extending the life of your roof by cleaning it once a year.

Pressure cleaning roofs made of Spanish, Cement, and Elemental tiles may not be suitable for high pressure. We can, however, apply a soft washing technique that is ideal for these circumstances.

Pressure Washing Central Queensland

The life expectancy of the soft roof cleaning in Nedlands with this system will depend on how it is used and where it is located. However, there will not be any visible regrowth for many years.

When you are working at great heights, it is important to take care. You may slip or fall while trying to clean your roof. This can cause injuries and risk to your health. You and your house could be at greater risk if you don’t have the right tools. Hire a professional to clean your roof instead of taking on too much risk.

House Washing Perth provides the most affordable roof cleaning services in Nedlands. Roof cleaning technicians at House Washing Perth are friendly, prompt and have years of experience. Our unique approach is to pay attention to every detail. We will never leave your roof until it is in a like-new condition. The industry’s most sophisticated cleaning equipment. We have proved our methods to be efficient, quick and satisfying. Our team can offer a quotation in minutes. We also provide the fastest service possible.

We strive to be the best in what we do, and provide fantastic customer service as a rapidly growing company. People spend hours cleaning, renovating, and maintaining their homes all year, but they often forget to clean their roof. House Washing Perth is Nedlands‘s most outstanding roof cleaner. You are improving your home’s appearance and preserving your roof’s lifespan. This can save you thousands in costly repairs.

Deck Cleaning Nedlands

A timber deck is a great way to take advantage of the beautiful climate in Nedlands. Decks can be added to living spaces and used to entertain guests, relax or have outdoor meals. They require maintenance, just like any timber surface. Bring your deck back to life with our detailed deck pressure cleaning.

The harsh Queensland weather can cause damage to timber decks as well as the wood coatings. It is essential to keep your deck oiled and cleaned on a regular schedule. Proper maintenance and sealing your deck are essential to your home.

Timber Deck Pressure Washing Brisbane

Unmaintained timber decks quickly turn grey due to high levels of ultraviolet light (UVL) dirt, mould, and algae. The timber deck will dry out and splinter, making it more attractive to mould and dirt. The timber will then begin to rot.

Keep your timber deck looking great by treating it with professional-grade deck stain. House Washing Perth will make your deck look brand new with its Deck Restoration and Maintenance Nedlands service. We guarantee your satisfaction and will do the job right.

You should be aware that deck sealing is just one aspect of the task. The wood must be pressure washed with eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaners before deck sealers or stains can be applied.

It is necessary to clean the wood of dirt and grime. It can be difficult for a non-trained person to use a pressure washer on timber, even for handy homeowners.

Before staining or oiling, it is important to prepare every deck surface. To ensure adhesion, all residuals must be removed before oiling or staining.

Our Pressure Cleaning Results

Nedlands Gutter Cleaning

House Washing Perth is a Nedlands-based business that is committed to offering specialised gutter pressure cleaning service to the people of Nedlands Western Australia.

We can handle any job, big or small. House Washing Perth has gutter cleaner staff who are trained and equipped to clean all sizes and types of roofs. We can handle any type of roof, large or small. Gutter Cleaning in Nedlands and surrounding neighbourhoods are all available.

Our streamlined gutter cleaning service makes it easy to get your gutters cleaned in no time. We will remove all debris, insects, and obstructions to make sure your gutters work well.

You will be delighted with the outstanding service and workmanship we provide when you hire our team. Gutter cleaners who are experts in understanding the intricacies and requirements of your guttering system. You can extend the life expectancy of your gutters by avoiding water damage and nasty leaks.

Comemrcial Pressure Cleaning

Many of our customers work in busy times and need a reliable, rapid service. We know that our customers are busy and need prompt quotes and communication.

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Nedlands Sanitation Cleaning

You will be amazed at our promptness, honesty and high quality from the very first phone call. No one wants their home, office, or business to be affected by flooding, mould, sewage, etc. We are sensitive to the sanitation cleaning needs of each property we care for.

We can help you no matter the circumstances. There are many reasons your Nedlands home might need to be sanitized. We will be focusing again on the high-touch areas, but this time we will also consider whether your home is currently occupied or furnished.

If you are concerned about your premises being exposed to Covid-19, our deep sanitation services will thoroughly clean all surfaces and will bring extra peace of mind to you.

Sanitation services are an excellent way to prevent infection from spreading or simply to clean up your property.

Pressure Cleaning Mud From Brisbane House Flood

We provide disinfection services to protect your business from potential infection or disease by invisible microorganisms.

The best Nedlands sanitation cleaning service. To get a quote, call us today or fill out our online inquiry form.